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Wallpaper Tips

Here are some tips and tricks that will make your wallpaper removal and installation experience fun and easy:

·Wallpaper Removal
Before installing a new wallcovering it is always best to remove the old. Sand or score wallcovering, wet a small area with remover. Rewet if necessary. Remove wet wallcovering with a scraper.

Clean all walls before starting. Walls with rough surfaces should be sanded. When patching holes do not use an oil-based product as it can bleed through the wallcovering. If removing the old wallcovering will cause damage it is best to use a primer/sealer before installing the new wallcovering as well as a vinyl over vinyl adhesive. If the old wallcovering is in good condition it is recommended that vinyl over vinyl adhesive be used when installing the new wallcovering.

· Wallpaper Installation
To determine where you want the pattern to fall, at the ceiling line hold an unrolled roll against the wall. On the back of the roll mark the spot of where to begin. Upon cutting the first strip leave a couple inches at the top and bottom for trimming. For prepasted wallcovering fill a tray 2/3 full with room temperature water. Roll the strip paste side out, bottom to top. Follow instructions on the roll, as they may vary.

· Square Footage Information

· To calculate square footage, measure the width around the room and multiply total against ceiling height.

· 20 ½” width double rolls contain 56 square feet of wallcovering.

· 27” width double rolls contain 60 square feet of wallcovering.

· Border Tips

· When hanging a border you should start at the corner most unnoticeable.

· To help the border adhere better it is best to use sizing or wall prep. A small paint roller works great.

· When installing border over wallcovering a vinyl over vinyl paste should be used. Soaking the border is not necessary.

· Hanging the border at the ceiling gives the room more height. To make the room more inviting and comfortable it should be placed at chair rail height. When installing a border around a door or window, you should run it clockwise.

Other helpful tips:

· Due to uneven walls, matching a pattern exactly along a seam is rare. Matching at eye level is best.


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